Glazing Machine


Our new OCT scanner allows us to take 3D scans of the back and the front of your eyes.  The OCT is a medical grade device and up until a few years ago would have only been found in hospitals. It works a bit like a MRI scanner would.


The information gathered from an OCT scan is much more detailed and in depth than a fundus photo.  It allows for earlier detection of eye conditions such as glaucoma and diabetes as it allows our Optometrist to visualise the layers of the retina rather than just the surface of the retina.  By assessing these layers and measuring their thickness we can monitor the health of your eyes in a more detailed way with subtle changes in these layers being picked up sooner than by fundus photography alone.


Make your appointment now to get your OCT scan as part of our enhanced eye examination.



oct scan 2

oct scan 3

oct scan 4

oct scan 5