A new design of Varifocal has been introduced called FreeForm. The main benefit of it is that it considers the lens as a series of points and your prescription can be calculated at these points. This means the lens can be cut far more precisely and each lens is very much designed for you. It helps eliminates the distortion at the edge of the lens which is a problem with standard varifocals and also helps reduce the unsteady feeling that people sometimes experience with their varifocals.

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Why not call in now to take advantage of these new lenses. The feedback from our patients who have tried them has been extremely positive.

We supply a wide range of lenses including single vision, varifocals and bifocals.

Single Vision lenses are either distance or reading glasses. Bifocal Lenses comprise both distance and near with the two areas being separated by a line. Varifocals work in a similar way to bifocals but no line is apparent so cosmetically they look like single vision lenses. A varifocal will allow you to see mid distance objects like a computer or dash board of a car better than a bifocal would.

Thanks to the revolutionary HOYALOG computerised system which we have installed in our practice we can offer a service whereby you can actually see your lenses before you order them. You can see how thin your lenses can be. This allows you to choose the right lenses for you and your budget.

It also means that should you wish to keep your frame then all we have to do is scan the shape of your frame, the lenses will be ordered and cut to that shape and when they arrive in our practice all you have to do is return and have the lenses fitted. All this without you having to leave your glasses with us.

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